Jul 6, 2006

A day to work! YAYY!

Last night we had some really bad storms come through the area.

This morning I woke up and turned on my pc to find that the cable was out. I just knew that we'd been hit by lightning during the storms.

Not all that bad you might think, but for me it was not a good thing AT ALL. I have cable internet AND telephone.

Today I am going to be working my little butt off for a client since my mother in law is taking the boys for awhile. Therefore, I could not be without my cable all day. I was flipping out because it's just the way it always goes...whenever I have plans to actually sit down and work uninterrupted SOMETHING stops me. Every time never fails.

Well God must be watching over me because within about an hour the cable was back on and all is well here. Granny just called and she will be here to get the kiddos in a little while. So, I'm off to fill the diaper bag with goodies so that Hunterman & Zachboo are all set to spend the day with Granny & Grandaddy.

As tempting as it is to just curl up with a good book on the couch and a warm cup of coffee as soon as she gets them out of the driveway, I'll refrain. It's more tempting to me to work baby work today!

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