Jul 31, 2006

Free Telecommuting Event Coming!

Do You Want a Work at Home Job?

If you’ve been interested in telecommuting (working from home for someone) this free online event is for you!

Nell Taliercio, also known as the Telecommuting Answer Lady, is putting together the first annual Telecommuting Moms Month for anyone hoping to work at home.

When will it be? The online event starts September 4th and runs through September 29th 2006

Where do you find it? Simply go to http://www.telecommutingmomsmonth.com to learn more and sign up for Nell’s newsletter at http://www.telecommutinganswerlady.com to be notified of the event details, where to access the calls, and contest information.

What will you find at the event? Nell has interviewed the top experts in the telecommuting field and you’ll have access to those interviews. You’ll also be able to listen to and read a few successful telecommuting mom stories and be able to enter the “Ultimate Job Seekers Contest”!

Experts and their topics:
•Job Searching Success Tips by Nell Taliercio
•Approaching a Current Employer for the Telecommuting Option by Phil Montero
•Cover Letter and Resume Secrets by Jennifer Anthony
•Application and Interview Tips from an Employer by Sylvie Charrier
•Telecommuting Tax Tips by Arika Liddard

Keep updated on the event details and information by joining Nell’s newsletter! Not only will you be updated with the event information, but she also sends out job leads, telecommuting information, company links and more. Pop over to her newsletter site: http://www.telecommutinganswerlady.com

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