Aug 23, 2006

Some times you just have to MAKE them Get It!

What a great post I found today while browsing The Telecommuting Coach blog.

You know so many times, even me personally, we work at home moms just don't understand how we can make people realize that what we do is work and hard work at that.

Many people, and understandably so, don't realize that we really are WORKING! I have been told many times things like "Wow, that's great that you work at home. You are there with your kids, your house is always clean, you can come and go as you please!" No offense to those people but: HAHAHAHA I wish I could keep my house spotless and could come and go as I please all the time.

What's worse than that is when we, ourselves, don't take what we do seriously enough to realize just how hard we do work! Click here to see what I mean!

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