Sep 5, 2006

Summer is Over/Still Havin' Fun

Today is Zach's first day back to school. Oh how I miss him already and he's only been gone for 2 hours!
3rd Grade: Here He Comes!
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Check out his new shoes and bookbag! I guess he's into red this year hu?
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Hunter and I are trying to fill the day with fun things to keep our minds off the fact that Zach isn't here! Ok, so not so much Hunter (don't even think he realizes his bubba isn't here yet!).

Here's some pics that I promised Mom that I would get up so she can actually see how much the baby has grown and what he's been up to lately.

He loves hiding in spaces he shouldn't be in:
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He even likes working with Mom Mom!
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Well that's all for now. He has now decided that he likes to play the chasing game with Mom Mom and is pulling books off the shelf! LOL


Amanda said...

What cuties you have. :)

Arika said...

Thank you Amanda. :) I think so too, but I am a bit partial. How are your babies doing?