Sep 19, 2006

Introducing: Parenting My Teen Talk Radio

Yesterday was the first show and I listened in. WOWSERS!

Aurelia is a natural talk radio show host. She's so laid back and informative. She seems so real!

I don't have teens yet (keyword yet), but I have bookmarked this show and when I get my IPod, I will be automatically downloading the show to it so I can listen to every show. Until then, I'll be listening while I work.

Kudos to Aurelia for tackling issues that affect teens and their parents that many keep behind closed doors. I'm so looking forward to learning and implementing the suggestions that are given on the show when the boys reach those awkward teen years.

If you have teens, and even if you don't, you HAVE to check this show out. Go here to listen.


Jenny said...

What an interesting concept!

I'll check it out.

Arika said...

Jenny- I'm glad I could pass it on. Do you have teenagers?