Oct 30, 2006

Things are going to change around here!

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This picture, taken just a few weeks ago, is a true look at what I look like most days! Ok, I lied, this is one of the better days. As you can see I actually managed to get OUT of my pajamas that day! Babies always have a way of making you look bad in pictures, cause they are just so darn cute. But me looking bad has nothing to do with the fact that my nephew Sean and my youngest son Hunter are sitting in my lap and overshadowing me.

I look HORRID! Bags under my eyes, my face is broke out, my hair is just thrown up. I can't even use the "I just had a baby" excuse anymore. (He's 13 1/2 months old now)

Hot Mama?? ROFLMAO Now do you see why I laugh at my hubby when he says I'm sexy? I think NOT!

Any of you that are Moms, I'm sure you can relate. You know how it goes. Baby didn't sleep through the night, dishes need done, hubby is hungry and begging for attention, your older child has homework he needs help with, the house needs cleaned, laundry piles are taking over and not just the laundry room. The list goes on and on. You've had days where you don't get a shower until 4 in the afternoon, if at all. Don't deny it! We've all been there. ;)

Personally, I've had enough of the I'm a Mom so it's ok that I look like I've been hit by a freight train days. I've made a vow to myself and my family that I will start making more of an effort to make myself look and as a consequence feel better, each and every day. After all, if you feel better about yourself your family will definitely feel better too. A happy Mama means a happy family.

Think about it. If your hubby is like mine, he tells you that you're beautiful each and every day, no matter how horrid you look. I've gotten to the point I either laugh at him or tell him he doesn't have to lie to make friends or just to get what he wants! LOL

We all know that our children pick up on our moods. When you're happy they tend to be happy too, but the minute you get stressed it's not just coincidence that they start getting cranky too. They don't like an upset Mama anymore than we like being unhappy.

There are so many things that you can do to give yourself a much needed and very much deserved boost in confidence. For instance I did this a few weeks ago.
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The boost in confidence it gave me just to go get my nails done was wonderful. Even if you don't do nails, there are still things you can do to help boost your confidence and start feeling like the Hot Mama that you are!

Try spraying a tiny bit of your favorite perfume on each day or take a nice long bubble bath with candles. Anything that makes you feel better about yourself and bumps that confidence up a notch or two.

Need more ideas, check out this totally FREE 35 page eBook that I found about this exact topic. It's so obvious this was written by a Mom! Free Hot Mama Makeover Tips eBook!


Nell said...

What an adorable picture of you three. I thought for a second "when the heck did she have another kid" LOL

Arika said...

Thank you Nell. LOL I'm not that quick or that crazy for that matter! ;)