Oct 12, 2006

Today is National Children's Day

A friend of mine, Rona, over at Telecommuting Moms Forum is always so good at letting us know what special day it is. She's always posting these and reminds us to take a break from our hectic schedules to remember them. She comes up with some great ones too. Like today, I would never have known it was National Children's Day if she hadn't stopped by the forum and let us know.

She also told us about this really cool thing that a photographer by the name of Danny Goldfield is doing! He is creating a photo project that he has been working on for some time now.

His goal: To photograph one child from every country that is living in New York City. Take a look here for the ones he has completed already. Absolutely adorable children doing what they do best: Being Kids!
NYChildren Photo Project

While you are surfing around, take a look at Rona's Blog, BerryMorin Bits. She is a homeschooling Mom who also works at home as a Virtual Customer Service Rep. A really sweet lady, who is very devoted to her family and her work at home career.

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