Nov 13, 2006

Parenting My Teen Podcast New Show is Ready

I wasn't as ready as I thought I was today when I tuned into my bestest online friend, Aurelia's Parenting My Teen Podcast.

I've always listened to the show hoping to be one step ahead of the game when my sons became teenagers. Well today I got a big slap in the face, when I realized that 4 years is not that far away. As a matter of fact, I think I'm already experiencing things that parents of teens experience, with my 9 year old.

The newest show has Aurelia talking (I won't say interview, because it wasn't like a normal interview at all) with a mother of two teenagers, Marie Ynami. It's a break from the norm on the show and I personally loved it. Normally, Aurelia interviews experts on things like teen depression and body image, etc. This week she decided to have a Mom to Mom chat with Marie and it was so nice to sit back and listen like I would to friends over coffee.

There was one section of the chat where Marie talks about her teenage son, feeding the dog and television. I'm telling you, that could have been me talking about Zach. It was such a great show because it was "real". There was real emotion flying over my pc speakers. So much so that it caused me to shed a few tears and if you were a fly on the wall while I was listening you would have been cracking up because I was talking to the computer like I was part of their conversation. :) No, I'm not crazy I promise!

On a side note, Zach and I spent a few hours, just the two of us, together tonight. He got $65 for his birthday and he and I went shopping after dinner. It was so nice just spending some quality time just him and I, even if the main topic of discussion on the way to WalMart was tarantulas and the ride home was spent listening to him play his new handheld gadget, while I sang with the radio. LOL

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