Nov 20, 2006

'Tis the Season

No, I don't mean the holidays. I mean the sickies.

It all started early last week when Hunter got the sniffles and within a few days I had it and now Jerry does too! Uugghh! Thursday, Friday and Saturday I wanted to turn the pc off and curl up in bed all day with Lifetime Movies and James Patterson books. :)

Do you think that happened though? Nope! Last week was very very busy around here. Work was hoppin' and I'm attempting to get my house ready for the holidays. We will start decorating for Christmas this weekend if Jerry and the boys have their way! I find it hard to get into the Christmas spirit with the smell of Vicks and dirty diapers!

I did however get some much needed clothes shopping done for Zach and I. My 16yo sister accompanied me and Hunter on Saturday and I told her it had been so long since I had bought clothes for myself I needed HELP! She wanted to pick out a whole outfit for me and I agreed. Well I agreed until I saw the U-G-L-Y hot pink jacket she picked out. That ended that idea right then and there. I love ya Bon, but I'm just not a hot pink kinda gal. She told me a few times that I was getting old! LOL Just the other day she told me that I would make a cool mini van Mom. Which is it Bonnie, cool or old??

I ended up with 2 new pairs of jeans, 2 sweaters, 1 top, 1 jacket, and 2 tank tops! The good news, Bonnie approved of MOST of them, so I must not be as old as she thought. I meant to tell her, if I ever go toward straight leg jeans with her around she needs to just shoot me right there or atleast drag me from the store immediately. LOL

Ok, it's late here and today has been one of THOSE days. The boys are both tucked in tight and I'm off to snuggle up with a big comforter and some tube! Who wants to take bets on how long I stay awake to watch TV?

Btw..I'm now a contributor over at the Because Mom Said So Blog. I haven't posted my first post yet, but head on over and have a looksee at all my Mommy Buddies! I'll post before the week is up I promise.

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Jen said...

My step daughter thinks I am the same way. I guess I am getting to be an old fuddy duddy since I'm not in with the "cool" clothes LOL.

(((HUGS))) I hope everyone gets to feeling better soon.