Dec 7, 2006

My State Tops the List

Wow...I was browsing a small business blog I found today and one of the posts mentioned a ranking of the best states for business. I was very pleased to see that my state, Virginia, ranks #1 in this first ever poll conducted by Forbes. Seems it won by a large margin too.

There were 6 categories that factored into the rankings.
- Business costs
- Economic climate
- Growth prospects
- Labor
- Quality of life
- Regulatory environment

Out of all 50 states Virginia was the only one to score in the top ten in all 6 categories. Other states that did well include #2 Texas, and #3 North Carolina.


nell said...

LOL Mine is the 22nd.

Jen said...

WOOHOO.. We are number 3 so not far behind you. That means the southeast must rule ;)

Arika said...

You got that right Jen! ;)