Jan 18, 2007

Fun Ways to Teach Kids Their ABCs

Kids who start Kindergarten knowing their ABCs and 123s tend to do better in school and feel better about themselves too. I know this because my oldest was that way and I plan to help my youngest learn them before he begins his school journey as well.

The hard part is making it fun for you both. I'll never forget trying to teach Zach his ABCs. I would sit down with him and say a letter over and over and try to get him to repeat them, or I would sit down and try to get him to sing them with me. Nope, not happening was his motto.

I finally realized that he just wasn't going to learn it until he was darn good and ready to do so. But how would I know he was ready unless he told me and if he didn't know he needed to learn them, how would he know to tell me? Yes, I think too deep sometimes I know. ;)

So, I got creative (well as creative as this mom could get at the time anyway, which wasn't very let me tell you). I started singing the ABC song and counting to a tune whenever he was around. I sang while I was doing the dishes, dusting, getting him dressed in the morning and even while I gave him his baths in the evening. Anytime he would let me I would sing them. Yeah, he got sick of it quite a bit, but it worked.

I thought that was rather imaginative, until I came across this handy little tool. This is great for moms who want to give their little ones a headstart on their language skills AND want to have fun in the process! It's called the Kids Activity Calendar.

Each week you get coloring sheets and worksheets in your email along with craft and activity suggestions and even a snack list that incorporates the letter of the week. Here is a sample page for you to check out and share with a friend who might find it useful as well.

Enjoy the letter "A" free -- Click Here for a fun worksheet to teach your child the letter "A".

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