Jan 14, 2007

No Excuses, Limited Time, Bring You Up to Speed

Ok, I'm getting really slack at this aren't I? I apologize, but well life has been just that LIFE.

First for the sickness in this house, I'm happy to report (albeit a bit scared I'll jinx us when I do) that everyone seems to be getting better finally. No one is on any meds and all that lingers is the ocassional cough. ;)

Zach is doing great in school and will be home with me tomorrow for Martin Luther King Day! Hunter will be happy about that, atleast until he has a toy he can't figure out how to work and Zach tries to show him and he thinks Zach is trying to take it from him that is. Zach has been busy playing his Game Cube and Gameboy Advance SP he received for Christmas, but I'm also happy to report he is actually USING the other things he received too. Loves his tatoo maker and his globe, which seem to be the ones he has put the most use to.

Hunter, well Hunter is a fiesty 1 year old, who won't stop for anything until HE is darn good and ready. He's climbing, running, knocking down, tearing up anything he can. ;) Yesterday he got ahold of one of the posts for Zach's soccer goal (why oh why Zach had them out I'll never know for sure, but I can almost bet it had something to do with swords) and somehow managed to hit himself in the eye with it and now he has a bit of a blood shot eye, but I think we'll be ok. It's amazing how Zach NEVER sees what happens when I'm not in the room. haha

Jerry has been working and being sick. Hopefully this week he'll be able to put in his normal weekly hours, since he missed so much last week from being sick. He too ended up with an upper respiratory infection along with an ear infection. 3 days of antibiotics and all is better!

As for me, well I'm ROCKIN' with my VA Business and even though I got behind at the start of the New Year, I think I'm caught up now. Now, to stay that way. Organization will be key this year, I can tell already. Just last week I picked up 2 more clients and have 3 new ones coming on in February if everything works out. I've also "hired" mom to help me out some where she can. So far, I'm happy to report she is doing a wonderful job!

I'll do my best not to be so slack from now on. Now, I must go before I get so tired I can't keep my head up...Jerry got called in and if he comes home and finds me sleeping at my computer he will have confirmed his thoughts and my secret willbe out: I really am crazy! ;) Toodles!

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