Aug 1, 2007

Almost Didn't Make It

Wow, it's only Day 4 of Nell's 30 Day Blogging Challenge and I almost didn't make my post for today. It's been a hectic few days let me tell ya.

Of course it's end of the month which means hours and work to squeeze in and billing to do. I can't say that I've completed it all...that would be lying, but hey I'm closer than I thought and considering what the last few days have been like around here, it's a wonder I'm even still functioning as a normal human being.

Zach is recovering from his strep very well and the volume of this house today is solid proof. Hunter was home all day with us and he and Zach just can't seem to keep it down to even a dull roar when they get to playing. Tis the household with 2 boys I guess, hu? ;)

And to top it off I had my Bible Study group coming over tonight. Boy, I couldn't believe I managed to get my house presentable, work my tush off and keep 2 boys in line (for the most part anyway) all day. Oh and throw in the fact that I did about 3 loads of laundry today too. Sometimes I wonder just where I get the energy to make it all happen, but then I remember the good Lord made me who I am for a reason. He has faith in me that I can do everything and still manage to end the day with a smile on my face. Well for once I can say that so far so good! Only a little bit of work left before I hit the sack, both the boys are tucked into bed sound asleep. Ok, so Hunter is tucked in and Zach is sprawled out across mine.

I'm seriously contemplating switching the domain name of this blog and I'm up for suggestions for the name of it. So, if you've got a suggestion leave it in the comments section. Who knows I just might pick yours and send you a little somethin' somethin' for the help! I've actually been trying to come up with a catching title for some time now, but can't seem to find one that really fits, so all suggestions are greatly appreciated.


casual friday everyday said...

I was wondering if you'd make it! lol

Alyssa@Life from my laptop said...

I just joined the 30 day challenge, better late than never.

Mama Arika said...

Hi Alyssa! Thanks for stopping by. And absolutely better late than never!