Aug 2, 2007

5 Minutes for Mom and Best Buy ROCK

Over at the 5 minutes for Mom blog, they always have great contests and giveaways, but this one takes the cake. They are giving away one of their readers who comments and links back to the contest and Best Buy a 37 inch Flat Panel LCD HDTV. How Cool is that?

I entered the minute I heard about it and there's a reason and it's not just because I want to win a TV, either.

We have been through 2 televisions in less than 6 months. The first one is was an old floor model TV that had just given it's last breath. If you know what I am talking about you know that floor model TVs are OLD so it deserved to be put to rest and I don't blame it for wanting to go.

The second one however is really beyond me. It all started a few months ago when the buttons on TV just stopped working. None of them would function. Then I realized that when you turned it off with the remote it's like it had gremlins in it or something because it wouldn't come back on. The light would turn green like it was going to cut on but then after a few seconds it would turn itself off. If you messed with it long enough you could get it to stay on. But that wasn't the got to the point that no matter what button you pushed on the remote it would turn off.

Weird enough, but here's where it gets really weird. When we went away on our camping trip last weekend, I unplugged all the electronics in the house in case of a thunderstorm while we were gone. Yes, I have surge protectors but I still unplug things. Anway when we came home we plugged the TV back in and finally got it to turn on but for some reason the TV had changed itself to Channel 7. Well if you know anything about cable or DVD players you know your television has to be on Channel 3 or 4 in order for them to work.

Because of the fact that the gremlins took over I can't get the TV to change to the right Channel because every time I hit ANY button on the remote (remember the ones on the TV itself don't work) it cuts off power. I finally gave up hope today and removed it from the entertainment stand and will give it a proper farewell later this weekend!

So, I'm hoping to win this big daddy TV and give it to MY big daddy for his birthday! Of course it will be a late birthday present as his is next Tuesday, but that's ok. Better late than never right? ;)

So, head on over to the 37 inch Flat Panel LCD HDTV Contest and check it out, but I must warn you I will be some stiff competition. :)


casual friday everyday said...

i hope if i dont win it that you do ;)

Mama Arika said...

ditto girl! :)