Aug 7, 2007

Competition Doesn't Exist in My World

It amazes me how so many people with online businesses are so worried about competition and will say and do just about anything to make other business owners look bad. Geez...come on people there's a whole WORLD wide web out there. Didn't your mama ever teach you to share?

As a virtual assistant, I have lots of fellow VAs in my field (notice I didn't use the C word) who offer services the same as I do and we all get along great! We all are there to lend a hand when necessary, help one another out, learn from one another and even learn together at times.

And today I want to give a shout out to some great fellow WAHM virtual assitants. Thanks for everything gals, you're the best and I'm honored to be in your company.

Mel of Essential Office Support

Mel, Mel, Mel! Girl, I owe so much to you it's not even possible to put it all into words. Thanks to you and our girl Nell, my dream of becoming a WAHM exists! Thank you for everything, but especially for giving me my first break! How cool is it that a year later our paths have crossed once again in a bigger and better way for both of us? :) Love ya!

Angela of Star VA

Wow, you've come a long way baby and I couldn't be happier for you. I'll never forget the day you came to me with a question and I thought to myself...who am I to be answering questions from a new VA. But you have surpassed me in so many ways and I just want to say congratulations and I only see bigger and better things in your future! GO GIRL GO!!

Jen the Internet Marketing Chic

I've known Jen since I first started out and she is one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet. Jen, even though you may not know it your attitude is contagious and I thank you for that. By the way, give those girls a big hug for me!

Tishia of Tishia Saves Time

Tishia and I have not really had a chance to work together and we don't talk much, but I know she does good work and I also know that she is a great inspiration to other moms out there. A single mom who grabbed the bull by the horns and MADE it happen, Tishia, you are awesome! Way to go girl!

Jenn of Resume ASAP

Not only a VA but a close friend (whom I haven't been able to catch up with in awhile) you have been through more with me when I was first starting out than anyone and I will never be able to thank you enough. Thanks for allowing me to gripe, complain and scream like a giddy little girl! You're the best and you better contact me and soon! :)

And, because I am a sleep deprived Mommy VA I know I've forgotten someone, that's just the way things are supposed to work, isn't it? If I've forgotten you, please accept my apologies and let me know and I'll make sure to add you to the list.


Tishia said...

Thanks Arika! I totally agree with what you are saying. I've never looked at any of you (Jen, Mel, you, etc,etc) as competition! In fact I've given contact information for some of you to a couple people I couldn't help because I didn't do the work they were looking for. That's what it should be all about - supporting one another :-) And I like the friendships I've built with other VA's! I'd never do or say anything to make another VA look bad, that's just wrong.

casual friday everyday said...

I second your opinions! Well said.

Jen @ One Moms World said...

oh my goodness Arika... do you realize you just put a HUGE SMILE on my face missy! You know I think alot about you as well and glad we met way back when on Nell's forums.

I'm so proud of you as well for launching your business. YOU GO GIRL!!

And I DITTO about the competition. We are all in this together trying to provide for our family so I would never take one of my fellow mommy friends down!!!!

Mama Arika said...

You're welcome Tishia and Jen! I meant every word of that post.

Thanks everyone for seeing my point of view...just wish more people did. You know I kind of take that same approach with any online business, but then again I don't have any other online businesses right who knows maybe once I do I will think differently.

Nah, doubt's a BIG BIG Internet world out there!