Dec 10, 2007

Make Time for Mom: WAH Tip Monday

This week's tip comes from Mara B. at His Favorite Daughter

Don't Neglect Yourself Mom!

Here's what Mara had to say on the subject:

"I would have to say, especially for moms, one of the most
important things is to not neglect ourselves. I know I'm guilty
of putting everyone and everything before myself. You have
to take time to pamper yourself every once in a while, or
you'll burn out and won't have anything left to give."


I am just like Mara in that I put everything and everyone before myself. I think as we become Moms many of us think that's just the way it's supposed to be. I'm slowly but surely learning that all those women I think are SUPER moms, are doing one of two things:

- Lying through their teeth OR
- Taking time out for themselves on a regular basis.

I think my rude awakening came (if you could say that it's really come that is - I still have a loongg way to go) was shortly after I gave birth to my second child. Looking back now, I know that I suffered from a bit of PPD and the main reason was because I was not willing to ask for help when I needed it. This lead to me getting up in the morning and going full tilt all day long for everyone else, not showering for days at a time, not eating right (if at all), crying most days - all day long, and falling into bed late at night after everyone else had been asleep for hours, only to get back up an hour later to feed or change the little one. The reason...

I didn't make it a point to take time for myself and do the things I WANTED to do - even if it was just sleep. Which, I still want more than anything, except maybe peace and quiet for more than 2 minutes every day. ;)

I tried too hard to be everything to everyone in my life and the result was a baby who refused to sleep through the night until he was over a year old, a husband who was frustrated because he didn't know how to help me, an older son who basically felt like his mom was just the woman who lived in the same house as he did, and so many others. I spent the first 4 months of Hunter's life down in the dumps and didn't realize I held the light at the end of the tunnel in my own hands.

I can say that 2 years later I am much better at saying..."Hey Mom needs a break." But I think I'm more creative in choosing my time to get those breaks more than anything. It's a proven fact that I am not even close to where I want to be, but I can tell you that becoming pregnant with my 3rd child is absolutely making me realize I not only deserve "mom time", but I NEED it and so does the whole family.

I'm getting in the habit of reminding everyone that I need their help around here. Of course, they are probably sick of hearing it by now, but better now than in April when Sierra is born and I crash and burn again.

So, how about you mom, how do you get your time? And if you don' is the time to start! :)

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