Dec 11, 2007

Pregnancy Emotions & One Rough Day!

My apologies for not posting a Tasty Tuesday recipe today, but it's been a very long and exhausting day for this Wahmmy!

I've been sick for quite a few days (weeks to be exact) with what I knew would turn into a nasty chest/head cold. Yesterday I finally broke down and called my OBGYN and asked if I could take some meds for it (ones that actually make a difference - not the Robitussin that I took earlier in my pregnancy when I had the same cold). In a cold and pregnancy induced fog, I've managed to make it through somehow. (Thank You Jesus!)

Today I woke up in tears because I'm just tired of being sick and always behind. Seems like every time I take one step forward I have to go 2 steps back immediately. I worried hubs too because he called me just as Zach was getting on the bus to tell me that if I needed to keep Zach home to help with Hunter I should. I told him I would be ok (as I held back more tears - this pregnancy is taking it's toll on me emotionally in ways that neither of the others have I tell ya).

Anyway, I took my first dose of meds this morning and felt better so I decided to work on some of the contest winners prize mailings before starting on some more client work. That lasted all of a few minutes when I received another call from hubby telling me his mom had taken his dad to the ER with chest pains and he and his brother would be going to the hospital. He asked if I would please go with him and told me he would be here to pick Hunter and I up in just a few minutes.

I quickly threw some clothes on, brushed my teeth and pulled my hair up (thank goodness it's grown enough to get a tiny pony tail out of it). Then I had to finish getting Hunterman dressed. Got everything together and ready just as he pulled in the driveway and out the door we went.

After spending the morning in the ER, they finally released my father in law with chest wall pains. Don't get me wrong here I'm sooo glad it wasn't a heart attack like we all thought, but the doctor at the hospital really ticked us all off! He didn't even come in and tell us the test results...sent the nurse to tell us he could go home it was "just" chest wall pain and to take Advil for the pain. Please tell me how Advil is going to help a man who was doubled over on the livingroom floor when his wife came home from work?? By the time we left he said he was feeling better, but we all knew better.

To top it off, today was their 37th wedding anniversary. What a way to spend your anniversary, hu? If you're the praying type please send a prayer up for my father in law and my mother in law too! They have so much more going on than just today's hospital trip and can use all the prayers they can get. Thank you!

Anyway, just had to get a few things off my chest and apologize that you had to be the one to see it! Thanks for sticking with me this long and be glad I didn't tell you all the details of the rest of my day - including having to RE-write articles for a client that I lost in a computer crash last month and didn't realize it until I received an email asking if I was going to bill her for November. Imagine that - I've been so out of it I honestly thought I had invoiced her already. How many people do that?

Now, I'm off to bed because I'm loopy from my meds and just plain ready to get this day over with! You're probably saying "Thank God" now aren't you? ;)

Here's to a better day tomorrow for not only me, but you too!

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Tishia said...

Aww sending hugs your way Arika! Certainly sounds like you could use one or two or ten! Here's to better days and feeling better!