Dec 20, 2007

Pregnancy Brain Made Me Do It

Notice in this picture how none of the lightbulbs are lit, heck they aren't even screwed in...that would be my brain folks!

I just realized that in yesterday's CBC post to Aurelia, I didn't answer the question she asked me in her last post...DUH! I'm blaming it on pregnancy brain which helps to answer her question:

“How has your pregnancy been so far?”

Hmm that's a loaded question, but here's the shortened version that basically explains how this pregnancy has been so different from my first two.

1. I was showing much, much sooner than the first two. I'm assuming due to the fact that I didn't wait almost 8 years in between pregnancies this time around AND the fact that I'm getting a bit older and well I just don't bounce back in certain places like I did after having Zachary. ;)

2. Emotionally, this pregnancy is more intense than the boys' ever were. Again, my reasoning for this is that I'm carrying a baby girl and the estrogen is kickin' my butt! I also think this is why my face is so broke out this time around too. I look like a teenager again, I tell ya.

3. During the beginning of this pregnancy I had some stress related issues that caused me to have to cut way back on what I did and the things I took on. A hard choice for this "my plate is always overflowing" mama, but such a relief and well worth the changes. This has more to do with the way I was conducting my life before I found out I was pregnant and not the pregnancy itself I think.

4. I've not been deathly ill with Sierra as I had been with both of the boys. With the boys it was open eyes, stand up, puke, go back to bed because head was spinning, puke, puke some more, attempt to eat something, puke some get the picture...I spent my whole pregnancy with both of them in bed pretty much because well my body just wouldn't let me do anything else.

5. No real cravings yet either. With Zach it was Mexican pizzas loaded with sour cream. Hunter wanted those cherry and apple pies that you buy individually wrapped at the convenience stores. Sierra, well she knows what she likes and if I eat something she doesn't I'm paying for it within about 30 minutes. Just a few of her least favorites are milk and spaghetti.

So, there you have it girl. Hope your trip down preggo memory lane was a good one! :)

Now, head on down and read the next post where I asked Aurelia to tell me how she manages to stay stress free at Christmas time.

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