Dec 19, 2007

She's Lovin' It!

Well, not to rub it in but I WAS RIGHT!! - Aurelia's biggest weakness when it comes to food is none other than a McDonald's ________? Wanna know what McD's food she just can't get enough of and makes her giddy like a little kid every time she eats it? You'll have to head over to her blog and find out!

With Christmas fast approaching and business piling up, I'm going to make this post pretty short and sweet, but exciting none the less. This week I want to know a little about Aurelia's Christmas holiday. I know that her birthday and her son's birthday are pretty close to Christmas (if I remember right) so I know they have a lot going on in their house this time of year. So, here's your question lady:

"What are some of the things you do to keep things stress free at Christmas time around your house?"

For me I have to say that my hubby is a lifesaver this time of year. He loves to do the Christmas shopping and wrapping. As a matter of fact he just said to me last night, "Well if anything were to ever happen and you weren't around for some reason, I know I could make it through Christmas just fine!" and he is SO right!

I think I've maybe wrapped a handful of gifts and he's done the rest. As for the picking out the gifts - he did the majority of that too. And I gladly obliged and let him! I gotta GOOD man!

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