Jan 13, 2008

Spiritual Sunday: We Can All Come a Long Way

Today, I visited the church that my mother and father in law attend, and my husband grew up in, to listen to a guy preach that I went to my first year of college with and attended speech class with. Today after the service, I went up to him to introduce myself, and ask if he remembered me. Oddly enough, my husband and I recalled afterwards that it had been almost 10 years since I had class with him. However, nevertheless the time it had been he indeed remembered me. He seemed glad to see me and even recalled, "oh I have some funny memories with you. Do you remember the time I was doing the speech on welding and said, "Amen"? The funny thing is I had already recalled that to my husband. He was quite a hoot back then to hear giving a speech because he'd always be in "preacher" mode. I guess you can say he was destined to be a preacher.

However, today, I thought to myself, "he's come a long way". He truly has become a preacher. He is a man called by God to deliver the word of God to His people. I began to think about the thought of "coming a long way" on the way home. You know if you're saved, and have a relationship with Christ, then you too have "come a long way" from wherever you were before. You have become a new person in Christ and you have a new identity, a new calling, a new purpose. We could all admit that we have "come a long way". I know I have, what about you, would you admit that today??


Tishia said...

Sometimes when I stop think about how far I have come I can't believe I'm the same (different) person. There are people that only know me from my new life (after accepting Jesus) and when I do share about my past they are amazed to hear the things I used to do.

But I think that's normal for a lot of Christians I know. I know some of them grew up in Christian homes & didn't lead a real wild life but a lot of Christians I know today I am always amazed to hear their testimonies and the 'dark' God has brought them up out of.

Mama Arika said...

Great post Alyssa! :) Yes, just accepting Christ means we've come a LONG way.

I know that I've come a long way and hope to go even further in my life now that I God's got my back.