Jun 30, 2006

Doctor Visit & Family Game Night

It's 7:30 am and I've been awake for about an hour. Checked email, posted to a few forums, almost made it through my first cup of coffee. Oh I love the peace and quiet and wish I had more of it! LOL Today is a busy day for me and I'm hoping that by being up early and having time to myself proves a good thing!

Today we have a doctor's appointment for the baby (9 month checkup), I have to make a quick trip to the store, and tonight is Family Game Night! Wonder what game it will be tonight: Life, Monopoly, Nickelodeon Trivia, hmmmm. Doesn't matter to me cause I love any game we play because that means we have time together!

I also need to squeeze in a few hours worth of work because yesterday I got interrupted by a thunderstorm and had to shut 'er down early. I have a few articles that I need to write and need to work with my buddy Jenn of ResumeASAP on one of my websites.

I also need to review the interview questions that Nell sent to me yesterday for the Telecommuting Moms Month interview that I have been asked to do! I'm so excited about this: you just have no idea. I am doing the interview in July and TMoms Month is in September so I have to get one more site besides my VA site up and going by then. I'm going to be discussing taxes as a telecommuter. I've been dubbed the tax queen over at Telecommuting Moms! LOL That's pretty comical to me that I'm considered a queen of anything! I'll have to post a picture of what I look like every day while working and let you decide if I'm queen material. I think Elizabeth would think otherwise! ;)

I also have a review of an information product that I'm doing for one of my Mom Mastermind buddies that I need to get finished before the weekend. I love helping other Moms in business any way I can! Mila, it will be done this weekend!

Ok, well so much for my peace and quiet...can't last forever though! The baby is awake and my day has officially begun. Have a wonderful Friday everyone!

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