Jul 1, 2006

One heart attack a day is enough...Thank You!


I took Hunter to his 9 month check up yesterday and twice I almost had a heart attack.

The first time came when the doctor was listening to his heart. She listened and listened and then said "He's got an intermitent (sp) murmur." My heart fell. Two family members have or had this. One on my side that still has it and one on Jerry's side that closed within a few days of birth. Boy my mind can move fast, because I thought of those things before she could finish her statement because she immediately said "That tells me he's about to hit another growth spurt, which is good." Whewwwww relief! Thank goodness, it's not what I thought it was!

The second time, she was looking at a rash that had developed. He has been sick off and on for the last week, but nothing major so I just chalked it up to teething. When I got him in the bath yesterday morning I noticed some bumps on his back that looked like heat rash to me, but I went ahead and asked the doctor about it while we were there. She asked if he'd had any fevers or not been wanting to eat (which for the last 2 days he didn't want hardly anything to eat, but he was drinking ok). When she went to check him out another rash had popped up in his diaper area that wasn't there when we left the house. She told me she wanted to check him for strep and she did. Ok, no biggie I can handle strep throat! I grew up with it all the time and Zach used to get it alot too, just not this young.

She came back in and told me the test was positive and that he had Scarlet Fever. I immediately flipped out inside. What?? Scarlet Fever!! Isn't that something extremely bad that used to kill people way back when? I don't know what I was thinking about to be honest, but I was scared. Once again my mind raced before she could explain.

Scarlet fever is just a strep infection with a rash. Thanked God one more time!

She prescribed an antibiotic and told me that the rash may get worse before it gets better but that he should be ok in a day or two and to take the meds for 10 days! Yep, I know the drill...don't stop the meds until finished or the infection may come back, push liquids, and keep him away from other kids for atleast 24 hours after he starts the meds because he will be contagious before then! I honestly think I can handle this! LOL

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