Aug 17, 2007

Creative Isn't Even In My Vocabulary

I'm sitting here trying to figure out how to get some CamStudio videos to convert so that I can load them to one of my sites and it's taking forever (this is like the 100th time I've tried this btw) so I was brainstorming some more about new names for my home on the net.

Just a few days ago, I asked for suggestions to help me pick a new blog name. Well I didn't get much help as the few comments I did receive (Thanks Nell & Tishia) were pretty much in the same boat I was. So, over the last few days I've been thinking of names and here's what I have so far:

1. Just Call Me WAHM
2. They Call Me Wahmmy (this is my favorite I think)
3. Not So Ordinary Wahm
4. Crazy Wahm (Hubby votes for this one I'm sure) ;)

See, I told you I wasn't creative. Anyway, I'm hoping that someone will get some inspiration from these names and maybe come up with one I really like, so let me have it everyone. :)


casual friday everyday said...

I love "they call me wahmmy"!

Mama Arika said...

ooh cool! :) Thx Nell!

Tishia said...

I vote for they call me wahmmy! I LOVE that one! See that's creative I never would of came up with something like that :-)

You need to go read my blog post because I am handing something off to you :-)