Aug 17, 2007

A Day In A WAHM Life

I was browsing over at one of my favorite Internet marketing blogs, and Lynn Terry did a day in the life of a full time wahm post that included a video of how her day starts. If you know Lynn, you know she's a lot of fun and it shows in this post where we get to hear her singing and she sound pretty good too. Oh if only I were that brave, but I love my readers and wouldn't want to scare anyone off. ;)

I love this and am actually considering doing one myself as soon as I figure out how to get the video on here. LOL You'd think as much as I do online, I'd know how already right? Nah...I can't know everything and I don't pretend to, but I do love learning and as soon as I find the time to, I am definitely going to get the whole video thing going here.

So, stay tuned for a day (or few minutes anyway) in this wacky wahm life. Ooh I think I just thought of another possible name for the new blog. :) I can only imagine what searches might bring it up once it's in the Google World! LMBO


casual friday everyday said...

loved her video! i'm going to do one myself now...mine is much more crazy then hers. LOL

Mama Arika said...

Yeah mine is too! Wanna have a crazy wahm day contest? LOL

Lynn Terry said...

LOL glad you enjoyed that goofy video! I dont think I even realized I was singing until I accidentally closed the window the music was playing in haha

Looking forward to seeing yours!

Tishia said...

I just went and watched Lynn's video - too funny! It gave me the video 'bug' but I'm totally clueless when it comes to anything like that so I think I'll steer clear from it at the moment - of course I guess I'd have to have a video camera to even think about doing one so I'm off the hook...LOL!

Hurry and make one, I can't wait to watch :-)

casual friday everyday said...

hey arika, angela just got a new mom blog up but wants to get rid of it...if you want the domain and the template (if you want it) contact her...the blog is I thought of ya and wanted to pass this dont have to publish this comment if you dont want...just wanted to alert you! lol