Aug 21, 2007

Phase 2: Just Mommy to Sassy Mama

Hot Mama Makeover

Ok, so by now you've seen my new and very different than the norm for me hair cut. Well I've decided that I'm not stopping there!

In case you couldn't tell I need a desperate lift and no I don't mean boobs! That picture of my new do was definitely an eye opener that this mama needs to put the sass back in her A--! And it all started with the haircut, but it won't end there. I'm sure I'll think of more, but here's the plan for now!

Phase 1: New Do - CHECK
Phase 2: Ditching Those Hideous Brows for some sleek and sexier ones.
Phase 5: Manicure & Maybe a Pedi too!
Phase 4: New Makeup (this is something I desperately need, but more importantly, I need to start wearing!)

And I'm sure I'll think of some other things along the way, but I'm on a mission to ditch the I'm an exhausted, work at home mommy look and feel good about the way I look again.

Stay tuned...

And I have to give credit to the Hot Mama Makeover for giving me the much needed push to do just that. Of course I picked the guide up many months ago, but it's time I put some of the things inside to action! How about you? Ready to become the SASSY MAMA we all know you are?

Pick up your Hot Mama Makeover for free here.


casual friday everyday said...

it's amazing how much better i feel about myself when i do my brows!

Tishia said...

And of course you'll have to post pics of each phase :-) Like Nell said about the eyebrows - I feel like a new woman just getting those big black unruly brows tamed:-) It's amazing how a simple eyebrow wax can change the whole look of your face!